4WD Training on site and in remote areas

Mark spent the day off site with the team from Hydro Tasmania for a one day 4WD training day.

Vehicles checked and classroom theory out of the way it was time for the team to get some practical experience in emergency situations.

The team learnt about different operating systems of a 4WD, the importance of trip planning and the correct operation of a 4WD on and off road, including differing terrains, with correct usage of both low and high range.

Emergency stopping, brake, swerve and recover from an emergency situation and handling their 4WD over differing terrains, made for a fun day out of the office!

Driver training on site and in remote areas comes with a new set of challenges for both the team and the trainer. It is however of great benefit to the teams to train in ‘real life’ areas and situations.

It provides easy transition from what they have learnt to replicate it in a work situation.

Have you ever trained off site? would you prefer to train in a real life situation or on in a driver training complex?

Would love to hear in your comments below.