Rural/Remote 4WD Skills – Negotiating Rough Terrain And Vehicle Recovery

This course has been designed for drivers who require increased skills in the use of a 4WD vehicle off road and what to do when things don’t quite go to plan.  The course includes a basic re-familiarisation with 4WD systems and operation and then gets stuck into the practical learning.

Due to the high focus on skill development in this course, course numbers are lower than in many other 4WD courses. This provides a great deal more trainer time per student and a far greater learning experience.

Knowledge covered

  • Traversing rough terrain
  • Traversing steep terrain
  • Traversing slippery terrain
    • Shallow mud on hard surfaces
    • Ice
    • Shale and rubble
  • Traversing deep mud
  • Traversing sand
  • Safety in the car
  • Driving Position
  • Steering Techniques
  • Braking Systems
  • Tyres
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Introduction to 4WD Systems and Operation
  • Recovery equipment specifications
  • Recovery
    • High energy – Snatch, winch, tow
    • Low energy – Boards, dig, drive

Skills covered

  • Using the vehicles features to facilitate driving in poor environments
  • Stall starts
  • Considering recovery methods
  • Using recovery equipment
  • Operating in 4WD mode in multiple environments
  • Fitting chains

Training outcomes

At the completion of the course it is expected that all drivers will demonstrate;

  • the ability to identify and traverse challenging terrain
  • correct four wheel drive techniques
  • effective selection of appropriate recovery equipment
  • safe operation of recovery equipment
  • an understanding of correct tyre pressures and when to alter them

Course duration

One day

Course requirements

In order to participate in this course you require at least your “P” class licence. You will need to provide your own registered and roadworthy 4WD with Manual transmission. Instruction on Automatic vehicles is available, please phone to enquire. To gain the full benefits from this course, your vehicle should be fitted with recovery points, a winch, off road or all terrain tyres and hold a recovery kit.

Training delivery

This training will be delivered face to face either on site or at a suitable venue arranged by DSI.

Course assessment

The course is not assessed for accreditation purposes.


Course costs vary according to State and venue. For detailed cost information, please contact DSI on (07) 5353 7177 or click on the Enquire button below.