Safety is one of the most important factors to be kept in mind while driving on the roads. Considering the number of accidents and casualties taking place every day on the roads, it helps to be cautious and careful when you are in the driver’s seat. It is imperative to be aware of all the guidelines and techniques needed for safe travel on the roads.

How to tackle emergency situations on the road? How can maximum safety be ensured while driving?

Train with us, gear up with all the latest techniques in defensive driving!

What is defensive driving? Why is it important?

Defensive driving is a set of parameters, that drivers take into consideration to avoid collisions and ensure maximum safety on the road. This is done by anticipating errors of other drivers, emergency situations and road conditions among other factors.

It is important as it will educate in various aspects like importance of wearing seat belts, impact of vehicle size in a collision, maintaining perfect tyre pressure, crash prevention techniques and speeds to maintain in different weather conditions.

Our courses are suitable and designed for all age groups and types of vehicles.
With over 16 years of experience in delivering trainings, Driver Skills International has an excellent reputation amongst Victoria defense driving schools. Our Victoria defensive driving course is one of the most acclaimed programs.

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Our driving instructors are fully accredited and also deliver on-site trainings. They will ensure that you are thoroughly equipped to drive safely on the roads.

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Defensive Driving School – Australia courses are meticulously designed, keeping in mind real life scenarios and will help you keep safe on the roads.