Defensive Driving Course – Brisbane


January 23


08:30 am - 04:30 pm

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Driver Skills International Pty Ltd


Mt Cotton Training Centre

1753-1799 Mount Cotton Road, Cornubia, QLD 4130

Cornubia, QLD, AU, 4130

The DSI Defensive Driving Course provides the knowledge and skills to safely drive a vehicle in most common driving environments.

“The course provides theory and practical activities to reinforce the importance of the most common road safety issues.

Knowledge covered

– Concentration and Attitude

– Risk Taking Behaviour

– Fatigue Awareness and Time Management

– Effects of Speed

– Trip Management

– Road Law

– Alcohol & drug Awareness

– Common Crash Scenarios

– Safety in the car

– Driving Position

– Steering Techniques

– System of Vehicle Control

– Braking Systems

– Tyres

– Emergency Procedures

– Defensive Driving Techniques

Skills covered

– Achieve a safe emergency stop

– Apply hazard avoidance techniques

– Experience the effect of speed on stopping distance

– Apply vision skills

– Apply correct car control techniques

At the completion of the course it is expected that all drivers will demonstrate;

– How to apply defensive driving techniques

– Improved vision whilst driving

– How speed can effect stopping distances

– An awareness of how risk taking and motivation can affect your safety on the road

– Identifying hazards and how to avoid them

– Understanding the risks associated with Alcohol, Drugs & Fatigue

– Importance of tyre pressure and condition

– Importance of seat belts and other safety devices

– Minimising distractions

– A responsible attitude to self, other road users and the community

– Identifying different braking systems & how to use them effectively

Course requirements

In order to participate in this course you require at least your “P” class licence.  You will need to provide your own registered and roadworthy vehicle.”